Our Mission
At Bluebonnet Mastiffs, our dogs are our passion.  These magnficent creatures are not just pets to have wandering around the house.  They are our friends, our companions, our partners.  Like all Mastiffs, ours are happiest being with their people.  They will do just about anything you ask of them so long as they get to do it with you. 
Our house is not filled with only show dogs.  The Mastiffs that share our home are like the majority you might meet walking in your neighborhood; couch potatoes that come to the kitchen to counter surf when someone opens the cupboard.  However, like all mastiffs, they guard their castle well should someone awaken the sleeping giant.  This is a working breed, after all, with the given task to guard their home and people.
As parents are with their children, we are with our mastiffs - wanting only the best for them.  Our involvement with this breed has led us to believe in our responsibilities to help with the betterment of the Mastiff.  We believe in health testing, selective breeding, carefully matching new puppies and their families, and a lifelong investment in the welfare of any mastiff from our kennel.  We enjoy any opportunity to share our love for these beautiful dogs and to educate anyone interested in learning about them  We also assist in any way we can with rescue.
Mastiffs are sensitive and loving souls.  However, don't let their easy going, laid back, affectionate nature fool you.  They are powerful, independent thinkers.  As such, they need a kind but experienced hand to guide them.  Obviously, we think there is nothing like a Mastiff but they are not for everyone.  If you are new to mastiffs, large breeds, or even to owning a dog, we encourage you to do your research, ask lots of questions, and even visit a breeder or two before inviting a mastiff to be part of your family.  Should you decide that the Mastiff is the dog for you, we can guarantee your life will be enriched.
Whether you are looking for the right mastiff for your family, doing your research, or you just want to chat about these incredible animals, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Contact Us At:

Phil and Marty Hancock


622 Magnolia St.

Denton, TX  76201



MCOA (The Mastiff Club of America):                   http://www.mastiff.org/

AKC (The American Kennel Club):                        http://www.akc.org/

F.O.R.M. (Friends of Rescued Mastiffs):               http://www.mastiffrescue.org/

BDHP (Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc)                       http://www.bdhp.org/


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